Looking For Friendship And Relationship....

My wife and i have driffted apart over the past several years or so ...Our sex life is none existant....We hardly speak and no longer enjoy anything together....She won.t let me touch her ..If i go to kiss her she either pulls away or turns her cheek to me ....We are now just going through the motions of life.....I still want to touch her..Pleasure her ...Have our hands touch each other....Feel the pleasure two people can give each other......I have no intentions of leaving her...But i need that excitment in my life of feeling wanted...Wanting pleasure.....Wanting someone to talk to.....I am a honest person ..AND I AM looking for a on line relationship...With someone who feels the need for friendship and intimacy on line...??
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A lot of people are skeptical about online relationships. I know I was. I wasn't looking for anyone to be with. I really just needed a friend and someone to talk to. I needed someone to listen. I felt so alone. And then I met you. And since my life has never been the same since. You are such a special man and I thank God you are in my life.

xoxox Love, Me

W....You have Breathed Life back into my body..And Love back into my Heart...A..xoxox

I love my man so much. I am such a lucky girl. XOXO

Do you think it is the right path to walk???

Yes at this moment ..I do ..I.am looking for friendship and intimacy...I want to feel wanted ..i want to be intimate with someone who wants the same .........A

I feel for you. Personally, I found that living in a sexless marriage was too painful. Even Maslow understood that love, sex and belonging is a basic need ... as important to humans as food and safety. Good luck to you on your search for friendship and intimacy online. I can only offer you friendship.

Last time out, your solution was whacking off to internet stimuli.

Presumably that solution has reached its' shelf life.

This one, I dunno about. But my judgement is a bit (lot) coloured by my own experience.

I joined EP and this group for the shared experience, not looking for a hook up. But there you go. An innocuous PM to a chick here, a friendship that developed, and we've been living together coming up 3 years now.

What I dunno about, is whether this site has any value as a straight hook up joint. It most certainlt DOES have potential great value in making friends, and out of that, some things happen.

There are at least 4 relationships going here that I'm aware of between people who met here. But I don't think a one of them joined here with a primary purpose of hooking up.

Tread your own path.