Laying Here

So I am laying here next to the man I love, writing this. Wishing he would just touch me. He calls me sweety and baby, tells me he loves me but it feels so hollow. The longer i lie here the more i feel so utterly alone.
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I would make love to you if I lied next to you. I would make you ***.

There all sorts of methods of rejection. Such as -
- "You are as ugly as a hat full of arseholes and I wouldn't root you with a borrowed ****" This would be 'aggressive refusal'.

- "If only you did more around the house I would be more inclined to root you" This one is 'goalpost moving refusal'

- "Gee I've had a tough day at work and my back is really sore" In this example you see 'pre-emptive refusal'

- "After what you did when we were out at that restaurant back in 1993 you cannot expect me to root you". This is 'historic refusal'

- "If you must, then go on. But make it quick" - 'Passive aggresive refusal'

- "We don't have time as I have to get up in the morning" (Note the "we" in that one) This one is 'condescending refusal'

There are many many different methods of refusal. There are many many different types of refusers. But they DO have a commonality to them. They are ******* liars, incapable of telling you the truth. Which is - "I don't want you, but I do want you around"

Tread your own path.

Brilliant Baz...LOL.
This should be printed on the back of every marriage certificate !

Very nice...that is an arsenal of refusals I think I have heard everyone...May I plagiarize?

It feels hollow because it is.

Tread your own path.

I know exactly how you feel. When he says those final words "Good night. I love you" there is no more talking and just "cuddling". I feel so rejected, so alone. I want him so bad. I want to be close to him. I am also 23...and this is the love of my life.
There is a huge elephant in the room. He knows exactly what's wrong but asks me anyways, when I seem distant. He gets upset when I tell him I feel rejected and ask him why. Now he feels like he HAS to have sex with me and feels forced or else I will get sad. I want to save this relationship and know this is a big part of it. Any advice?

YEP that last good night 'I LOVE YOU" ... as he walks off to bed ....I think to my self REALLY???!! how ???!!!

if he was ever to turn back around he may see a finger pointed at his back lol

i feel your pain, i know how difficult it is to lay in a bed with ur husband and be rejected, its not easy

i go through the same thing, many times i sleep on the couch or futon on the floor in other room, its hard for me to sleep with a man who doesnt want me, we have a calif king size bed, he sleeps on the very edge, looking like he is going to fall off (i wish he would fall off, just for rejecting me lol )

so i have more than enough room for me but i feel like, when i do sleep in the same bed, it just sets me up to be feel rejected again. an lets him play out his game on me (rejecting me)

boy do i know about the elephant!!!!! even if i do bring up the elephant thing, he acts indifferent... he tries to blame it on me ..he tells me well go to bed when i do ... what that means is he has a window of 11:30 pm and 1;30 pm for sex... (right now neither one of us works, so i ask him... why does sex have to be when you go to bed??? one time he told me..... THATS WHEN NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE SEX ... i told him that that is just smoke and mirrors, excuses and trying to blame it on me ...

one time i did go to bed when he did... he didnt touch me.. first night he had the radio on for 40 mins untill i got pist and told him to turn the thing off ... we both then drifted off to sleep..

just recently i went off on him after nearly a year of not pushing the subject... and omg im surprised no one callied the cops, i was one pist off women!!! i found a e-mail from his on line girl/f that i thought he had given up a year ago....

odd how he speakes to her in loving ways that he never once spoke to me in the same when we were dating .... ((((hugs))))