I am a very sexual person ..... I crave intimacy ......

I really do not understand how someone that supposedly loves you can deprive you of your deepest desires.

Hopefully, this journey will be over soon & the path will be crystal clear.
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I feel for you Belle . . . .

I hope you find the intimacy and sexual satisfaction you crave for in life .....Life without the things you..Desire.. Yearn .for....Can make you deeply unhappy ............................................A

I think we all wonder how the other half/ the refuser can just withhold all intimacy and decide for both people what can and cannot be. I have asked that question ,but never received and answer.
I also read many of the women's complaints here and wonder how nay man can turn down the chance at intimacy and affection. Guess it's because I want , need and hope for it so much. All I know is I subjected the other person in my relationship the way I treated I would feel bad about it, why don;t they?

I wish I could make love to you

Back on 7th February, you detailed how you had called him out and asked for a divorce in front of his whole family.

Is that progressing satisfactorily ?

Tread your own path.

No, it isn't..... Glad you are keeping track of the dates for me........

He is being very difficult beyond words......

Can't you just do a non-consensual divorce proceeding?

I have to wait 2 years from the date of seperation ...... Meaning not living under the same roof.

Where I am from ... The last person standing in the house is the last person with the house .... I'm not leaving my house or my kids.

That is one seriously inequitable legal jurisdiction you are living in.

Small town politics for you :-/

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Hope has turned sour.