Happy Birthday To Me!

So yeah, it's my birthday...... It started off, as I'm sure many of you can imagine, incredibly disappointingly. Multiple sarcastic remarks (meant to be "funny," of course) from husband, no help with the kids or breakfast or anything crazy like that, certainly no sex.

I'm working on completely disregarding him and his actions/inactions. So instead of brooding, the kids and I went to story-time at the library, talked to some "library friends" (those weird relationships where I know everything about them, know their kids names, but have failed to catch THEIR actual names, instead there's just "River's dad" and "Cici's mom," etc.), and had a great time. Then we had lunch downtown, got a fancy cupcake (which I am hiding until nap time). Got home to find my mom sent me flowers (awwwww) and cash (yay!).

I had expected to feel... rather mortal today. I've reached the 30 milestone. All that "I'm halfway done" feeling, or more likely, given my family history one-third-way done. Instead, though, I'm feeling pretty great. All in all, the first third of my life has been good, parts a learning experience for sure, but I have no regrets. I absolutely intend to make the next two thirds even happier and fuller. And hell, 30's nothing these days. Most people I know are still screwing around at 30, "figuring themselves out." I've got a marriage and two kids under my belt. Hopefully a divorce, as well, before the next year is up. I know what I want out of life. And, honestly, most of it I already have. I just need to slash out the negative forces and regain some freedom.
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Awww I missed saying it on your actual birthday but.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!! :)

I love your take on the now and the future for yourself. It should be a wonderful year for you!

Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my birthday as well. The big 4-0 and I have to say, it was one of thee worst birthdays ever on top of turning 40. No cake. That's all I wanted. But the hubby just couldn't find the time to get one. We have 4 kids and lead a crazy life filled with sports activitie, driving around here & there, but I ALWAYS make sure everyone in my family gets some sort of cake/cookie with a candle to blow out to make a wish-maybe it sounds stupid to some people but it's just a thing that I have that I feel every person should at least hav that one day a year which is their birthday where they have a chance to make a wish & blow out a candle. Well for my 40th, I didn't. It honestly really sucked. My oldest daughter (14) kept apologizing for me having such an awful day, when reality is, she had no control of it. I know if she could drive, she probably would've bought me a cake along with other little things. As for my husband, I'm speechless.

Aww, happy birthday to you as well! Hope next year (and many after) are much, much better!!

Happy late birthday!

*steps up to mic, clears throat*

"Happy Birthday to you,
You're cute and 5 2
You're arse is amaziiiiinnng,
And your **** are great too"

(This version is not performed in refusive households all that often)

Oh Bazz, that is great! LMAO


Happy birthday girl! You have a long life to live! Make sure to not waste it being miserable. I feel the same as you regarding my marriage. just working on the courage to do something about it! I wish you all the luck in the world!

Very Happy Birthday to YOU. :)

Happy Birthday ......hope you receive everything you are hoping for :)

Happy Birthday wishes from your mom, (and a gift!), was a blessing and an expression of endless love. I have written stories about disappointing birthdays that involved my spouse's inattentiveness to my special day. It still hurts when we are disregarded on our birthdays, no matter our age. You are so young and full of life. Please try to take it from where it comes and know that it is not acceptable to be treated badly, on your birthday, or any other day. You are going to be happier as time goes by ... keep respecting yourself.

Happy birthday Laurel!!

Happy birthday!

I admire your attitude...But pls dont 4get 2claim urself, in the process. Happy B-day, btw! Sry ur husband dsnt/wont recognize what a rare jewel u rly r! U "go girl!"

<p>Sarcasm is best thought and not spoken. Better that it not be thought, though.<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>Simply recognize that the ability to be bitingly sarcastic indicates both high intelligence and incredible insightfulnes. Few people can truly appreciate the wit of the sarcastic. So avoid it like the plague. Only MENSA members will grasp the significance of the comments and will enjoy the parry and thrust of your rapier wit. And they will likely deal it back to you, but even better. To mere mortals, you come will across as a boor, a social misfit, a bully or worse. I would highly recommend reading "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Step away from self-alienation and enjoy the benefits of comraderie.<br />
<br />
As laureltree suggests, sarcasm really isn't funny at all.<br />
<br />
Happy birthday, laureltree, from someone who knows the evils of sarcasm and works hard not to ever use it.</P>

happy birthday laureltree and remember your not half done. remember the beautiful woman inside you and smile to annoy the hateful comments. you know the truth and no one should change your mind. <3

My mother used o say "You don't feel old at forty - you feel old when your children turn forty!" I expect to feel officially "old" next year (at sixty two) when my daughter turns forty . . . . !!

Happy birthday! Wish I was 30! You are getting there, understanding you cannot change the past only the future, & planning to get out! You can & will make it through a divorce to actually start living life. Always remember your kids are your gift. Stay strong!! I am here if you need to talk!

HAPPY B-DAY LUV, hope you had a good one, wish I was your age.

Happy birthday .

As someone who can do sarcasm for the national team, I will momentarily defend myself by saying that we are all prone to being sarcastic. It doesn't take you to have to read through many of the stories or responses here in order to encounter some splendid examples. However, I fully recognise that it is corrosive, and if over-used loses it's immediate impact anyway.

What is worse then that, almost criminal in fact, is how poisonous and corrosive it is, as a constant, to him or her that dishes it out with unrestrained and gay abandon. What can start off as an occasional expression can become unwittingly the very core of what you are, rotting your soul from the inside-out. If you as that person can recognise it sooner rather than later it may not be too late for you, whether it is too late or not for those who you flay with it. However, all too often, it goes unrecognised, unacknowledged, maybe even denied. Then instead of a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis a Mr or Mrs Grumpy or a Mr or Mrs Angry emerges and it is suddenly a way of life, a modus operandi.

In this country they write incoherent, irrational and angry remarks in the comments column of the Daily Telegraph on-line, as a way to relax.


PS Did you see what I did there?

Excellent point. Many many years ago, I found myself feeling increasingly "grumpy" about (some of) the kids in my class - the usual "behaviour poblems". It got to the stage where I AUTOMATICALLY expected their worst behaviour, was failing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and generally seeing them in a negative light. I made a conscious deliberaste effort to CHANGE that - and, as you might expect, everyone was happier! THe students' poor behaviour decreased, my appreciation of them as individuals increased - better all round.

Getting into a habit of unchecked sarcasm ("Nice!" lol) ) can have a similar deleterious effect IMO.

Happy Birthday to you! A secret gourmet cupcake? That's the way I'd celebrate my birthday too!

I loved turning 30; recognized a kind of confidence that appeared sometime between 20 and 30, and really liked who I was.

Enjoy your day!

::snicker:: There is currently a passive aggressive tantrum going on in my kitchen..... Husband is making me a cake. I guess I was supposed to say, "No, thanks, dear. I don't want a cake"? Pffffft. I love cake. The kids are sleeping, so he can just carry on.

....and you can likely submit the result to the cakewrecks website as an added bonus! (I love looking at cake even more than eating it, if that's at all possible...)

Happy Birthday laureltree!

Happiest of Birthdays to you! :) And you aren't halfway there - those of us that turned 40 this year are... *lol* so go and be selfish and take care of yourself today... hell, for the whole week...

I'm holding out for 45....

This story just popped up in my activity feed ..... and while I don't know you, I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday ....

Gosh, there's nothing funnier than sarcasm early in the morning on your birthday, is there? I can't wait until my wife's birthday so I can make the hilarious crack "Is this the year you're finally gonna lose the baby weight?". You can see, I'm a comedian.

I completely identify with the "library friends". We also have "swim lesson" friends and "tumbling class" friends.

The scandal is when you know both parents and then mom shows up with another dude to pick up the kids. "Wait...is that an uncle? Who is that???" Ya halfta know.

P.S. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Laurel....I hope you make this YOUR year....


Oh, I completely forgot I had another line of thought to add.... So, I learned today that Swan Lake first premiered today. I've always loved LOVED Swan Lake. I hope to one day see a good production of it in person (I saw a really meh production of it years ago). The little bit about it on my NPR station today, though, just seemed so appropriate. Swan Lake was deemed "undanceable" when it first came out. It took 20-ish years for the "right" choreographer to get a hold of it and turn it into the very famous and loved ballet that it is today.