I Am Stranded . . . Caught In a Crossfire

I am living through the h--- of my wife's menopause . . . I am not getting any for months at a time . . . but I don't want a divorce because I love her . . . don't ask me to explain it, she is the love of my life.  Still, I'd like to meet a woman, somebody in the same situation as me, somebody who can relate to this crazy way of life.  I need sex but I don't want to 'hook up' because I don't want to ruin my marriage and destroy my family . . . maybe through sharing our stories we can help each other through this difficult time . . . I need SOME kind of female companionship . . .
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First off and foremost, menopause is no excuse! Too many women use it as one, to be mean, nasty and down right abusive to their husbands, when they can be pleasant to others in their daily life. This means there is no reason they can not supply the needed companionship. Sex may be an issue and may take on an extra need of "courtship and romance" more foreplay and even lubricants possibly even a small vibrator to help her along but it isn't shut out100%. The biggest issue faced is THE EXCUSE. In fact amongst our group of friends, most of whom have passed "the changes", its consensus that ******* are one of the best reliefs the women have found for the issues of menopause.

been there done that. trust me finding someone who will have sex with you is not that hard. interesting how easy really, but finding someone who satisfies you is a whole different deal.

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