4 Alarm

I'm heading into my 11th month with no sex. So since I'd had plenty-o-cocktails on the 4th, I decided to throw my inhibitions to the wind and try and seduce my own boyfriend.

(i know)

We'd spent a quiet evening by our outdoor firepit and watched the fireworks from the local stadium. I took a minute to go change into my silk robe and nothing else and come sashaying outside and sat down between his knees on his ottoman.

With my robe a-blowin', I ask him to tuck me in. He replies "but I have to tend the fire, don't I?"

I almost burst out laughing. I couldn't believe he chose the firepit over me. Now it's inanimate objects!

I force a hurt look on my face.

He repeats, "I have to tend the fire, don't I."

I looked him square in the face, and said, "yes, that is exactly what you should be doing. "

And with that, I went to bed.

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On a practical note, only a total idiot would leave a fire unattended. But that doesn't give him a good reason to blow you off like that: put out the fire outside and start one in the bedroom (not literally, of course)!

Been there---only it was a TV show--always seemed to be on different wave length when it came to sex--sad to say--now it's me-he doesn't get me going -if you will-hasn't for a while-

Sounds like there is a big communication problem. Time to try and talk to an answer but if he's not willing to then its kick em to the curb time. Its ok to not feel sexy and we do not always match or partners sex drive but to ignore thier need without so much as a simple explanation is painful and all those little hurts add up. I know I have had times when stress, illness or situations have kept me from feeling amorous but a relationship allows you to talk it out. Then it is less likely anyone feels so hurt or rejected.

I try to understand females avoiding sex with their partners & ao far ( have failed to come up with one logical reason other than it takes quite a lot to get some of them fired up.There are others who are affected by hormonal changes brought on by the aging process & some like mine who just wanted a s@erm bank to use for their own selfish reasons.<br />
But there is s/thing wrong with a red blooded man who cant raise an e@ection to a female with her robe blowing in the wind.<br />
Honeybun there are plenty men out there who wouldn't need any robe but would have removed in an instant even an "old" buck such as this scribe.<br />
Have sense & get you a new partner with blood in his veins that will well and truly "stoke" your fire!!!

I am sorry to listen to all these stories.... but.... you are not married and if something is an alarm THIS is the thing that should make you show him the door. Run now, a sexy woman like you deserves much better and you are not married with him. Kiss

True 'dat! <br />
Unless there was some unmentioned subtext coloring the exchange you described, your boy is a complete ***-hat. Show him the door!

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You are a young woman. Read the 98 other stories here. There are 98 other people who have someone that they could recommend your boyfriend should be with. I'd love for him to be with my wife. They could tend to the fire, watch television, straighten the newspapers (very important to do!), check the clothes in the dryer. The list is endless and you have just seen the tip of the iceberg. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have my wife come sit in front of me with her robe a-blowin'. Well, it isn't going to happen. If I can help just one young sole avoid the heartache I have know by being ignored with silly/stupid excuses, it will be a good day. The time is now for you to issue an ultimatum. He needs to look deeply into his sole and decide if he can be a man with his woman. If he cannot, you need to know up front. If he can't, I hope you realize he isn't the only fish in the sea. There are many men who would love to have you to watch fireworks with, and who would forget that there is a fire other than yours that needs tending.

You said boyfriend?? hun, if he is treating you like this now, just think!!!! I would let him watch the fire for someone else....