I have always thought that sex is a part of love. I know that sex is not love but when you love someone is there any other waty to be so close? Conversation is good sharing time is nice but when you surrender your body to someone and they give you thiers what greater gift is there? To be physically contected seems to allow a flow of emotions at a level unlike anything else. To gaze deeply into your partners eyes as your bodies become one seems to melt your very souls into one.  So why a sexless marriage?
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I completely agree with body art. We talk a lot of c**p, particularly women at least my wife, about love giving lesser importance to sex. This has , in my case resulted in talking about love , love and love and not f***ing enough.Time has passed us by and now we hesitate to open the subject of sex between us.This is what happens when you talk more and work less. Please take my friend that sex with your wife is exactly what love is. Please mark my word " with your wife", I am not referring to sex outside marriage. That's not love, we know it so no big lectures on that. Sex and Love are very much the same words when you did not have sex with your wife for ages. ANd if you had good sexlife with your wife, you wouldn't be differentiating the two anyway.

I can certainly understand your confusion (my story is under NightLight profile, "Not Sure Where I Stand"). After reading through this website and seeing that others have dealt with similar issues, I had a long conversation about our lack of sex with my wife. I love her dearly. I'm can't even describe how attracted I am to her - she makes me feel so alive; unfortunately that crescendo of excitement and attraction has gone unsatisfied for a long time. Talking ironed out some wrinkles, but physically I don't really believe we're compatible. Sex seems even more like a distant possibility now than it did before. I SO SHARE YOUR CONFUSION!!!

I'm so sorry, I don't get it either, your description of love is right on. I have never understood weman using sex as a weapon , when I was mad at my husband I would put the coffee on the top shelf,as he was shorter than I, why would I cut off my nose to spite my face??? The only thing I can say to you Is Talk to your mate, be totally honest,if that doesn't work maybe take a break from each other, I have heard absence makes the heart grow fonder. Talk ,talk and talk some more.,and LISTEN, with both ears. Good Luck!