HELL On Earth

Shall I say it? Shall I hide? Is it necessary? Will it help me anyway? These are some of the questions that are taking rounds of my mind. If asked to me...I would say - By writing my story here-I may find some sympathisers, some friends and some fellow sufferers - but it certainly wont help me.

Anyway...Yes.... Inspite of being in a marriage for 14 years - I am not getting what is the most important ingredient of it - SEX. And this results in getting angry, depressed, worthlessness, ignored so on and so forth.

Npw plz plz...I am not seeking advices here coz do u think during all these years I havent tried them? I tried - and its easy to find a solution if you consider it a problem. Unfortunately my second half considers it to be normal and doesnt want to even talk about the 'misses' in our married life.

Now - in my part of the world -with common couples - it cannot be a reason for going yr own ways that in a civilized manner is called the Divorce. So  I have to live with it - and the main reason for doing so are my two Kids. We, deep in our hearts feel, which is not untrue at all is that - a divorce effects your kid's phsychology the most in a adverse manner.

"The worst reconciliation is better than the best divorce"...So I am in it. yeah...the most difficult for me is to be in it and still not crib.

A few friends say - There will be someone who shall enter my life as a balm or ointment and in her I shall find my true mate. No...I am not in search for her...See....my motive is to share my story thats it, rest are in the hands of the SCRIPT WRITER - The God. He is very smart - he has written such beautiful characters that dont look waste and do play their part and take Bricks & Bouquets. All situations are created, solved and controlled by him. 

Now dont say I look confused - this peice of mine as a story doesnt have a direction...yes...thats my point.....it doesnt. At least I dont see a solution or direction as on today. May be when my kids are grown up and I become more weak and old...I find my soul/sex mate just to see her naked and I imagine - "Oh cutie - wish you were there some 15 years ago".

Hahahahahaha....cheer up and may the Script-Writer blesses you with all the happiness and "sexual pleasures". 

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I note that there is a problem here, but it's not to do with the sex/lack thereof. It's that your partner refuses to talk about something that's important to you. Now *that* is a problem, in my (ignorant) book. Sex or no sex, surely that aspect is worth trying to resolve.

Hi Cheleanne.<br />
So right you are in asking me that "wasn't it The God who gave all of us pla<x>yers Freedom of Choice? Can't we make decisions that affect our lives in a positive manner?"<br />
See friend, he certainly gave us Freedom of Choice - but in my case If I chose the Option thats good for me individually - I feel I am snatching away my Kid's happiness and their need of having an 'intact' family & home. So..I am carrying on with the Choice that gives them what is their dues are and in the bargain I find myself cribbing - offcourse annonymously - in sites like this. But hey...here I ask everyone - Is it there in the SCRIPT the way it is? <br />
I guess so and thats why I am still pulling with the loads on my shoulders. COMPLEX My Life is......<br />
Thanks for taking out time to ask me what you felt you should. I appreciate it dear.<br />
Take care

Ok, let me define 'pla<x>yers' - pla<x>yers as in our life's play

Hi AM,<br />
<br />
I know you're not seeking advice, but I have a question for you. You say it is The God who has written the scripts for everyone, however, wasn't it The God who gave all of us pla<x>yers Freedom of Choice? Can't we make decisions that affect our lives in a positive manner? <br />
<br />
Just asking.....