Me Too

Im in my early thirties and have been a sexual person as long as I can remember.  I dont know if I just didnt think about it or if her urge - dropped off once we got married and had kids but.. yup Im not getting any. 
mrDread mrDread
31-35, M
5 Responses Jul 10, 2007

I'm sorry you're going through this....but hon, it ain't just men that suffer. I've lived sexless for more years than you've probably been alive. Get out while you're young.

Welcome my story is mine ....we were only s'perm makers to be used sparingly until our purpose was served!

Welcome to the party, Mr. Dread. Do you think your kids can tell something's wrong?

Mr Dread - welcome.... if it's any consolation: I'm not gettin' any either!!

Sorry to welcome you to this group, my dear...but maybe you will find some solace here, or advice, or maybe get on the road to changing things....