Yea, Pretty Much,

You could say nearly sexless, it happens on rare occasions. When it does it is still pretty good. My wife constantly complains about the lack of sex but she has created and maintains the situations that prevent us from getting together. Her words are in conflict with her actions. I have repeatedly suggested ways to remedy the the problems but she is unwilling to any action. That leaves me to take care of myself daily and once in a while I manage something on the side. I first I thought that our sex was just the unfortunate victim of circumstance, but it is now becoming clear to me that things are exactly the way my wife wants them to be. I have a lot to think about....
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2007

"things are exactly the way my wife wants them"... Yes, my friend, you have alot to think about. Read everything posted here and take notes.

feel like you are being teased a lot?