Help For the Sexless

I found this article today - maybe it can shed some light...what do you think?

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sasxiv, the gentalman they referance in the artical was on a nightline episode about a year and a half ago. He has 2 very good books "Resurecting Sex" and "Pasionate Marriage". They used to have the Video clips from the episode online along with an hourlong interview with the author. If you Search Sexless Marriage on you will find the articals and also the video's.

thanks for the article sasxiv. I found a lot in it that strikes a chord. I also would like to forward the link, but I pretty much know my husband will only glance at it, and not being in Spanish it will be too much work for him to bother with I am sure. It's another version of "the look"that EllaMeza and grendalen refer to. I know that all people get to this point in the relationship, and then things need to be worked on. That's what is so upsetting to me in my current marriage because my husband doesn't seem to understand this, and furthermore doesn't want to try to work on it. That is really sad. I fell we are just getting to the beginning of a real relationship and he wants to chuck it all away and go on to the next thing, wherever the "Chemistry" exists, which is absolute BS.

Sadly, my experience has been identical to ElleMeza's. Yeah, I know "The Look". I think I'd rather drink turpentine than have her look at me like that. I sent her the link, though, and I'll try and find a way to mention it that won't end in verbal assault. One last try, I suppose.

alexandra31: I feel like Nostradumbass for having to ask, but... what's MM?

I was skeptical, but I wonder if it isn't on target. I don't think anyone would disagree that we're all dealing with some kind of "protective" wall preventing intimate contact. And the reservoir of negative feelings is another recurring theme that fits. Hmmmnn.