Morning #1: Thank Goodness!

Well this morning went WONDERFULLY!!! You can all guess what happened! AND OMG! talk about I got a work out! LOL THough I am tired, it is like was so worth it!!! 3 months of nothing, 3 months of frustration, 3 months of annoyance....all went poof this morning with joy that this did happen as he said. Granted....the skeptic in me is still there....even though this marks the end of one 3 month period, I can't help but think about the on and off, on and off, on and off, behavior in the past....basically on for a month(sometimes week) off for 3 months or is this finally OUR solution? will it be more consistant? PLEASE tell me it will! I did so enjoy myself this morning.....I can deal with it if it is not an every morning thing, I never said I wanted it EVERY day...not that I would mind....but if doing it every day kills this morning thing, then of course I don't want to!

I am just so darn happy right now knowing that he held to his "request"and did NOT prove me right! Sometimes it is gooooood to be wrong! At least for THIS morning anyway!

 My plan is to give it a month...if it happens more then 2 times I will be happy! If this is a one shot deal, and was done just to prove me wrong...then you can guess where that will lead! I am feeling optomistic this morning though...guess it is all that release from pent up frustration....I think he will follow through with this at LEAST one more time....I am sorry, it was just too good and it HAD to be better then J3rking off to some picture on a screen!!! LOL Besides, he got off without having to do much of anything!

What did I do? I talked to him. Found out what HE wanted....and we will get to test the power of talking to know the experts say that it is one of the better things to I am putting it to the test, will our calm unaccusing, "what do YOU want"  conversation turn out to be for the better, will it be long lasting? or is it simply only good for the "now" when it comes to me and my husand? All that is future, right now I am very happy to even have had this morning... to add even more to it, the morning activity has made me feel GREAT, where as I normaly feel like crap waking up! LOL Of was excersize! So who knows, if this becomes the "norm" I could lose weight too!!! Something I have needed to do for a while now, and heck it is one fun way to lose weight! LOL 

OK OK I am getting ahead of myself.....lets just take this morning and place it in the hopefully not the only time pile.  IF this does continue, I will not leave you all....maybe if I share what WE are doing....should this continue..that by telling you what we are doing in our relationship and maybe some new things we try in the bed, that it will help at least ONE of you out there! You guys were so great in your support of me, I can't just leave you on you bums !

Have a great day all....hope you find the one thing that works for you! Keep your fingers crossed for me that this wasn't just a one time deal!

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5 Responses Jul 13, 2007

lol it really shows that you got laid.

Thank you all... I kind of feel like I won an award! LOL I just hope it isn't a cheap one! LOL

POWERFUL STUFF THAT EXERCISE!! seriously Iam delighted for you & hope its the first of your daily injections!<br />
Perhaps we men should show this article to our wives as to what they are clearly missing out on heh! heh! heh!

Ever see those prisoner of war movies? You jumped the wire and are bounding off to the hills! Maybe the Germans will recapture you and bring ou back to the camp, or not! <br />
I mean that you got laid and it may be freedom, or not, but you do not care.<br />
And we who have not cheer you on, not jealous, not envious, but delighted you made it!<br />
Good luck and al lthe best

Nah, you are not going to dampen my spirits! I think talking does help, however it doesn't work for everyone.....I am not n expert in any way...I am well aware of the fact that this could have simply been the start of one of the "On" moments in our marriage and could end as quickly as tomorrow.<br />
Maybe your husband doesn't know what He wants....Maybe you could offer up that you are willing to try some things, exploring possibilities together can liven things up too...even if you don't find that one thing you like....the exploring could be that one thing!whay not try that, What do you have to lose? WHat he says "No"! You already get that! <br />
Good luck to you, I hope you find satisfaction and happiness...soon!