And Its My Fault

Here recently my hubby and I have been arguing over sex and the lack there of. So in attempt to relieve himself he's recording **** off tv. I don't mind him watching **** but before ya know he's gonna have expectations from these videos that I wont be able to fill. The ones where the girl is in upside down in a funky contortionist twist that only gymnists can succeed in. Anyway, he says that he sees my reasoning for not giving it up, but I don't think he really does. My day goes like this: I'm up by 5am, chasing, cleaning, feeding the baby, cleaning the house and trying to be ready for work by 2pm. I get off work around 11pm. Go home, shower, set things up for the next day and am finally in bed around 12:30pm. If I'm lucky the baby will sleep until about 6am but here recently she's been waking up around 3am cranky and ready to stay up due to teething. But before that happens I am just dozing off and he rolls over and starts laying the mack down on me. First of all I would rather he wake me up out of a dead sleep than to do it when I am just about to snoozing heaven. Anyway, he's shocked when I tell him that I'm tired and really need some rest! I've told him that maybe he should work on his timing. I've been stressed out alot here lately and I'm definately not getting enough sleep. I know he has his moments to but apparently they don't kill his libido! So I have explained to him that if he helped me out around the house or with other various things that I would have the energy for a little rough housing romp in bed. Does it work? Nope. When i come in on days that he is off he's sitting on his butt while the mess collects for me. Anyway, I'm running out of ideas and can't figure a way to balance it all out. Maybe I need to go to the doctor and get a female version of viagra because all of our toys and lotions and feel-good gadgets are collecting dust!!! Help!!!

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There is a free drug out there for women that's even better than viagra. It's called being married to an adult. One thing men understand that boys like your husband don't is that ***** is earned. Don't you dare use sex as a weapon, but he needs to understand that getting a woman down for a toss is as much on him as on you. And he's not even trying. Oh wait, you already told him that. Oh well. You've at least found a good place for advice on your impending divorce.

If he doesn't want to help you **** him. Find someone who does abs you sex life will resume to normal. I did and my husband saved my sanity this way. Before I met my husband I lived in hell. No sex an abusive relationship which is where you are headed. Escape while you can.

Yes, I did get some and a funny story to boot. Will share soon!

Thank you all for your comments! There are definately issues that need to be sorted out. Luckily we sorted a few out last night!! Hopefully we are back on the road to happiness. Thanks alot :)

yeah, like lillyann said, he needs to step up. If he can't support you at home with his income, but is expecting you to handle *all* the domestic work, he's being an ***-hat. Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that it's not gonna' play like that.

Get him some house keeping time then for f@uck me oooo yes! yes! yes!

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Didn't you take maternity leave from work? It would be nice if you could because you could nap in the day while the baby naps and then you would have more energy.... Or maybe you should tell your hubby to get a 2nd job so you don't HAVE to work and that way you'll be available for him when he wants to 'romp'....

You two need to sit down and have a serious heart-to-heart about how you want to live your lives. Your hubby sounds like he still wants to live at home with Mommy who does everything for him, but enjoys the idea of having you around for the extra curriculars. You need ot get your lives together and work as a team to accomplish what you want out of life (life styles, goals, duties to each other) before you become a die hard member of this club. If I treated my wife the way your hubby is treating you, I'd understand why the contact has gone out of our marriage. Make sure you are too tired and that you don't use sex to get something else accomplished around the house though. If you go down that road, you will be a serious member of our club.

Well for starters... get the polish rag out, and DUST OFF THOSE TOYS! ;P