"researcher" posted the below today.  I would love to see how people in this category answer the questions.  I bet it could be very enlightening.....


I am a psych honours student and have two weeks to collect hundreds of completed online surveys for my thesis. Please have consider spending 30 or so minutes completing "The Personality and Sexuality Survey" at the website below - its thought provoking and NOT at all dull! And totally annoymous!! Website: Thanks to you all!!

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Ha! Would have been a more useful tool the day I met my wife. <br />
<br />
Let us know the results.

Thanks, sasxiv, that was a ton of input to think about. The very first drop-down presented me with a puzzle. I had to answer that I was "single", based on the definitions they provided. That all by itself gives me way too much to think about.

Barnum never actually said "there's a sucker born every minute" . They should work on their research. (page 5).

They were actually pretty good questions and made me think about a few things in my relationship.