So Depressed

It has been a while since I have written.  I have been living in a sexless marriage for several years now.  We have been together for 5 years.  The first 2 we had sex, but I was always the one who initiated it.  He is in the military and went away for several months a long time ago.  When he came back, he started a new and very stressful job and started ignoring all aspects of our marriage including our sex life.  He stopped really hugging me or kissing me.  Just a peck and an I love you.  He has always been there for me when I really need him, but has stopped being my husband.  It has been almost two years since we had sex.  He has given me so many excuses - stress being the number one reason.  The I insisted that we went to a counselor or that I would leave.  He went long enough to appease me, but then stopped.   I have tried counseling.  I have tried being romantic again with him and have gotten no where.  Every time I tell him that I am going to leave, he begs me to stay and says it will be different - that he will try.  I don't believe him.

I should have left him a year ago when I was feeling stronger.  The last year of our maritial problems have taken an awful toll on me.  I used to be in very very good physical shape.  I used to go to the gym six days a week.  I used to really take care of myself.  I used to be outgoing and love to meet new people.  I used to be confident.  Now, I am like a shell of my former self.  I gained so much weight that I can no longer fit into my clothes.  I am starting a new career (I just passed the bar exam) and I feel self-conscious meeting new people.  In short, I just don't feel good enough. 

So, how am I supposed to leave now when I don't feel strong enough?  I have never never in my life felt this week.  I have always been independent and self-sufficient.  Now I just feel unattractive, depressed, and worthless.

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4 Responses Jan 25, 2009

If you're strong enough to pass that bar, you're strong enough to pull yourself up and out! I know you are. If I could do it, you can do it too.

Thank you for the responses. I am really going through a rough patch now. It helped to hear some of the advice you all have given. Otto - I am particularly thankful for the advice you gave regarding my career. I have often thought about those things as well. Again, thanks and best wishes to all of you as well!

OMG, your story is much like mine,I know exactly how you feel. I am much older than you, but it still hurts as much, and leaves one feeling hollow and empty.Bye, bye self esteem. My husband was a 'cheater' for many years. I only knew of two situations, but now know of all of it. Well, I think out of guilt, he became a born again Christain . I would have have to say, he 'threw me away for Jesus'. I imagine that some might not like that tatement, but that is eactly how I feel. He came to feel that sex was a 'dirty' thing . His view was/is very distorted. I will say though, that he is also bipolar, not his fault, yet no excuse for what he has done to our marriage.I too took good care of myelf, kept a lovely home for him, covered for him when he made bipolar 'gaffes', I was always there for him. What I really want to say to you is YOU ARE WORTH A LOT. Dont let him steal your joy,please . I know about feelings of worthlessness, so what you have to do is begin to build yourself up day by day. Take baby steps if you need too, but everyday, tell yourself what a good and unique person you are. Pat yourelf on the back, treat yourself to something special every day, only if it is just some small thing.You need to do this for yourself. I let my situation get so out of hand, that it has affected my health badly.Dont do this. seek a good therpist if you can, just for you. Get away from this man, he is doing great harm to you emotionally . You are WAY better than this and you deserve so much better. I think you can pull yourself out of this with some work, after all, you did pass the bar exam. My heart go's out to you. I totally understand how you are feeling. I hope this helps some !

I feel for you my dear. IF I were you, right now I would focus on my career and myself 100%....and dump the loser when I have enough strength in other areas in my life to sustain me through a divorce. It seems to me that you have done everything possible to save the marriage. Also, I bet you look great! I do not work out nearly as much as you used to and I still think I look GL in your new job!!!!!!