I've been married for 15yrs and I have had sex maybe 5 times in the past 10 years. The funny thing is.......I only married him for the sex! Yep, he was number 3 and the sex was...well, so good I had to make him mine. WHat the HXLLL? I'm fat now. I fig that was the only way to stay with him and keep my eye to myself but since the kids are gone I think I want to cheat. How do YOU stay married andlive like this? I should also tell you that he has internet sex very night. I have a 'spy" program that reports to me every key stroke and boy the crape he views is hurtful but i say nothing
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If you going to cheat, cheat with someone who has as much to lose as you do if caught.

If you going to cheat, cheat with someone who has as much to lose as you do if caught.

Wow, Ginger. The guy sounds like a pathetic, miserable jack@ss. I can understand why lonely people turn to C-sex when there is no alternative. But not when someone just the other side of the wall would happily give them the real thing. And I don't think size and appearance have much to do with sexual attraction in mature adults. Your husband's dismal failure as a lover is his fault, not yours. Bless you and good luck to you.

Below is a clip of my Husband internet sex from a few nights ago. I have tried talking to him, making special dinner, sending him flirty e-mails, pretending to be a ‘Red head’. I have bought books on how to give the best BJ’s. He will let me give him a BJ and a hand job but that is far as he will go with me. I did see him kiss “a friend” of mine. The parking lot was dark and I was with friends dancing when I looked out and saw the two. I should sat that this girl is larger than me! I just pray that no one else saw. All of our friends think we have a good solid marriage and I have kept this a secret for 13/14 years. It is so nice to talk to other like me. <br />
<br />
The typical internet sex…….<br />
<br />
hello queen layana<br />
no she takes top of her game<br />
she is what princess's hope to be one day<br />
damn dripped on my keyboard<br />
hello sexy<br />
great nips babe<br />
lets set the pups free<br />
if i keep looking at you i'll need a shower<br />
you are so hpt my latonight <br />
thanks babe your brests are perfect<br />
if i was with you i could make you *** just nibbling on you breasts<br />
i would give you goose bumps and connect the dots with my tongue<br />
babe you beauty has us all speachless<br />
i know what makes you twice as sexy as any else on the net besides being beautiful<br />
it is that you spend most of the time looking at us and not youy computer screenr<br />
thank you for deciding to share your beauty with us<br />
ok i'm a dog to lets see the ****,<br />
kennynow there's a pair of rabbits<br />
damn that jug is as big as yours<br />
ptop burns my dic.....<br />
hot<br />
it would if i did not just close on my condo in california and am straped for cash sorry babe<br />
where is every one hi baby

I am touched that so many of you have contacted me. I'm crying! I just can take this anymore. I'm not sure how to do blog and i hope everyone that wrote can see this. I'm very happy to hear from you. I cannot cheat. I have gained enough weight, to hide, that nobody sees me. If i can fig this out i'll share some of his nightly sex so you can see whaT IS HAPPENING TO ME......SO VERY HURTFUL. I was wild and did everything when were first married....then one night he told me to stop pressuring him... I thought it was because he was BIG and older then me but now I don't know.

Thank God for that or the majority of us here would be even more insane!<br />
But seriously, you should think about cheating! Start exercising and eating right, buy a new outfit, play with you hair. If you tell yourself it is for a mysterious stranger you won't be disappointed if old hubby doesn't notice. And when you finally feel you are ready to cheat, Don't. Just leave the man. Cheating will only further lower your all ready injured self esteem. do things that make you feel great about you! And who knows, the extra flirtation from outside the house may make you feel more flirtatious in the house and maybe you will never get to where you really want to leave. Ok the last part is a fantasy but hey, I play the lottery too!

************ is not a crime.................yet!

Indeed, ElleMeza, for you, I hope he has no one else. That would be beyond cruel.

How a/one would prefer i/net over live "p@ussy" beats me no end.....different if not getting any......but crazy o/wise!

Ginger, I am so sorry for your situation. One thing, don't call yourself fat. Size is real, but what it means is really only in the mind (I'm not fat, but the wife is kind of heavy but I'd be with her any time cause she is so hot to me!)<br />
<br />
EllaMeza makes me ask something though, Ella - you say no internet or otherwise? I can understand how to stop internet problems, what do you mean by otherwise? I have a huge problem and I don't know if that is where you are going. Insight please by what you were saying?

Can somebody help me out here? I mean, giving up the chance to be with a real-live woman beside you, so that you could *pretend*? WTF? How lame is that?