My wife and I cannot have sex because of a disease she has that cripples her muscles.  She has no strength to support herself  and her muscles are so weak and tight that I cannot get her into any positions.  She is always in pain and it sucks because I am still very young (30) and am soooooooo tired of being sexually frustrated.  I can only ********** so many times before it gets boring.  I love her don't get me wrong but what's a guy in this situation supposed to do??  I haven't had good sex in 6 years and its depressing...HELP!! :(
Wazabi Wazabi
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

She has sexual drive, it's just her body is stuck in one position at all times. And for her to have sex is extremely painful so we just do without. She tries to perform oral sex but that as well is affected by her disease because her mouth locks up and its all downhill from there. <br />
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Other then that I ********** us both at the same time and while its ok and all its just not the real deal.<br />
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Hi Wazabi, sorry to hear about your sexual frustration. Is there any way to have sexual relations with your wife that doesn't involve interc0urse and is mutually satisfying to both you and your wife? How does your wife feel about it? Does she want any sexual contact, or does the disease leave her with little or no sex drive?