Just a quick follow up....having that "I'm leaving you conversation" .. worst part of the day. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my face looks like someone slapped me 25 times it's so red from crying and it's possible I'll never breathe again my nose is so stopped up. But, it's done. Will someone please shoot me now?

blehh blehh
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please tell me if it does get better..... I need to know if there is at least hope

Yup....been there. And not that long ago. Remember--only you can heal. No one can do it for you. And underneath the hurting (I know, rejection really does hurt!) there is a strong person who can handle it.

Dear Blehh,<br />
<br />
Yes, this is SUCH a hard thing to do. But you are being very brave and grasping at the life you want and deserve. It seems to me you are doing what many of us wish we could do - but for whatever reasons, we are held back from doing so.<br />
<br />
Tears and sadness are the norm - you have both lost a dream and you are entering a new reality. Please know you havve the very best wishes coming to you that anyone could ever send. My heart goes out to you.

thanks..I figure I'll stop crying in about ... a year. I feel immensely better and horrible at the same time.

My heart goes out to you!!

oh blehh - this is going to be possibly one of the worst things you have ever had to do! <br />
<br />
it will get better and it will get better fairly quickly. i was numb for about 2 weeks, not crying, just so cold and numb and shocked even though it was me that did the leaving. <br />
<br />
it is a huge chance in your life so be as gentle as you can with yourself and take care.<br />
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i'm sorry too, but not too much because i know that you wanted out of this relationship, and obviously it wasn't going to last. you deserve to be happy and now that you are free of that baggage, you can live life the way you want and with who you want. it still sucks though, when you want to end things with someone, and then out of nowhere they end it with you first. it's like "dammit no! I"M leaving YOU!".