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Just Look Away..

I know you say you love me, but what exactly do you mean by that now? Do you love me like a roommate? Becouse thats damn sure how your making me feel. We used to "look" at one another, now we barely notice each other. Well, I notice you, you just barely notice me. Ok, so I've put on a couple pounds becouse I had a couple kids, do I really disgust you that much that I'm not worth a simple token of affection? Putting on make up, doing my hair & looking sexy for you just isnt worth my time anymore becouse its as if I've become "something" to dodge everytime I come near. Everyday we struggle to make small talk, hell we even struggle to stay in the same room togather during "family" time. Our bedroom has become just that a "bed" room. We barely even sleep in the same bed togather, yet you just laughed me off when I suggested we get seperate beds in the near future. So, here we are just looking like the perfect happy couple to all of our friends...yet, I'm miserable. I'm soo tired of crying and wondering whats wrong with me/ what I did/ what happened to us & why you used to ravish me till I couldnt breath and we were soaked in sweat..and I am just a lonely undesireable simplified house-mate to you.
americanwoman americanwoman 41-45, F 10 Responses Feb 8, 2009

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Thank you all so much for your honesty, sincerity and warmth...your all great ppl...I wish you all love and hugs!!!!

first of ((hugs)) <br />
you realy touched alot people by what you said, including me! <br />
everyone has said great things

A big hug to you!

Darlin' I can relate to that! Very well written!<BR><BR>Please understand one thing: It is NOT you! That is the greatest thing that I have gained from this forum. You are not alone and you are not at fault!<BR><BR>Put your makeup on, fix your hair, dress in something that makes YOU feel sexy! It may be me, but a great pair of funky high heels really boosts my self esteem. Find what boosts yours and don't wait for him to do it for you.

Im am man but your letter hits right home with me!!! Its kinda like me watching my wife get dressed up for work... Looking SO SO sexy! Seeing her put her makeup on and thinking to myself... Who does she get all dressed and made up for? All I get at home are fcuking sweat pants!!!<br />
<br />
Hey... we're here for you!!!

You have said so much of what goes on in my head every minute of the day...<br />
<br />
What the **** is wrong with our asexual spouses????<br />
<br />
(I don't care if EP censors my expletive... *******.<br />
<br />

I know the feeling well. It's not you sweets. You start taking care of you, doing what you need to do to feel better and let him take care of'll come full circle or you won't, but you didn't do anything wrong. *hugs*

wow it sounds like me, I got lost there for a while, and it makes me wonder, is it worth it? I mean if nothing changes and it happens to be that we all go our different ways, was it worth it? how about me inside and every single little emotion thats inside and sometimes is so much to express, and only hurts me, is it worth? please let me know because it is 5 am in the morning one more time and I dont know!

americanwoman....I feel for sounds to me like you need a couple of male friends to take your mind off things....make some friends here on EP....there are wonderful people will make you feel sexy again...will enlighten your spirit...that's what you need! Good lucky Sweetie!

This makes me very sad for you, darlingheart. *hug*