Best Online Dating Site?

I will delete this post if I get some negative responses.  But, I have looked at many sites, Ashley Madison, CL, Adult Friend Finder, and others.  They all seem to want a lot of money, and are very lopsided in the Men to women ratio.  Other sites require you to be single.

Also after looking at many of these sites the majority of women seem to want a big penis and six pack abs, as well as many other very specific requests that only a few guys could come close to being

Some of you may say what about your work or social circles?  Well, I work from home and I am pretty well know in my community as a professional photographer.  So, what is a guy to do that has made up his mind to start looking?

Has anyone had success with any dating sites?  

sexlessincolorado sexlessincolorado
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Please adult friend finder really sucks

you have to see

Plenty of Fish

Wow, sexlessinColorado, I am learning a lot from your question! <br />
As someone who is a businessowner myself I would caution you against doing anything near your hometown. Not only could friends and family find out, so could customers, and most would NOT understand.......esp if a lot of your income comes from wedding photos! (sorry, bad joke I know)<br />
Maybe join professional groups, become a member of small business assocations, photographers associations, wedding event associations, dog lovers associations.....whatever you have an interest in etc. That will involve some travel to meetings, give you a chance to meet new people away from home and the travel to seminars and meetings could be good cover when you do "find a friend" ....oh yeah, this board is full of useful tips!

No luck for me so far... the on-line sites seem to be focused on making money (no surprise), but I can't justify spending money with these sites...

madskills.. mostly the people on AFF post close up gynecological photos.. which I've yet to figure out why.. scary. There are several photos of men on there though that are still sporting a mullet.. I'm not sure if that's the only photo they could find or if it's actually a current photo. Equally scary either way. <br />
<br />
The other most terrifying photos I've seen are the ones of men who weigh approximately 789900 pounds, are stark naked and have a penis the size of my pinkie finger and looking for someone height/weight proportionate. They usually say they are aware they need to lose a 'few' pounds and are going to the gym. <br />
<br />
I would tell you more about the women on there but I haven't really been looking for them so I really don't know..but I"m assuming they are equally scary. is a great source of contacts but as on any website, one has to shift through a morass of inane garbage and some truly dangerous characters before finding someone who appeals to you. <br />
<br />
I am using it to some success and will find a fit I am sure after a few lunches and dinners . This is really the best way. Craisglist may be free but the dinners aren't but who cares if it all comes out the way we want.

Aussie sites vary too. We have a very big one here called RSVP and most of their service is free.<br />
<br />
I have to agree with Blehh - you get some funny replies!! The ones that crack me up are the men that are looking for women 30-40 years younger than the poster, who "must be slim, trim, taut, terrific, prepared to do ANYTHING, etc. etc. etc."<br />
<br />
I wonder if any poor deluded females ever respond to these guys?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
I don't know about other women but I could not care any less for a six pack or a huge ****!<br />
<br />
I look for comments about wanting to meet women who are positive, have a good sense of humour, are happy with themselves, interested in a wide variety of topics, etc. Also look or words like sensitive and sensuous - and in my case DISCREET!!<br />
<br />
Best of luck!

That's funny about the women wanting only 6 pack abs and well hung. <br />
I'll bet you they themselves are built like a Full Back and posting photos from the late 1980's.

I went with Adult Friend Finder..but I'm female. I just didn't want to do the bar scene etc. The guys who do well on there tend to have a pretty detailed profile, not just the generic . I"m a guy, I like football, I want to get laid..sort of deal like everyone else. The also tend to send emails that are funny and/or interesting and more than one like of hey, I'd like meet you...well as a female on those sights..she's getting 40 of those emails a day so you're gonna have to be more original than that.<br />
<br />
Good luck, whatever you choose to do.

I have had some success on CL. It is pretty hit and miss, but, it has worked for me

EP has worked for me:)<br />
<br />
It sounds like you are looking. Believe me. You will start attracting people. Find a friend who has similar issues--- that will allow a friendship and perhaps intimacy to build.