Living In a Sexless Marriage

i have been in a sexless marriage for about five months now.  his excuse before is that he didn't want to hurt the baby *i was prego until last nov.  the sex though wsa never that good... he lasts for literally 3 minutes... i find myself feeling hurt and used ... i don't see the point in trying... and i can't be nice anymore about it and fake it... now , we just live like this and have come to accept it.. trouble is , i'm afraid that i'm headed for an affair. that will surely **** things up.. cuz then he'll leave.. and then financially we'll be hit.  but the thought of sleeping with him also grosses me out. i have no feeling for him at all.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Please at least try some sort of counseling or therapy before "throwing in the towel". I know you are hurt and in pain, but you don't want to walk away, without at least trying to salvage your marriage. You have a child now to think about. If in a certain period of time, you find it is not worth the effort, then re-evaluate the situation.<br />
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Best wishes.

Is he open to letting you guide what happens during intimacy? It would require you knowing what you need to achieve satisfaction. It can also be great fun for both of you.