Dont Know What Went Wrong.

I am living in a sexless marriage after 13 years of marriage. Im not sure what happened, things were just fine untill about 4 years ago and it seems like the passion shared just up and went................  I guess i didnt leave enough info the first time so ill update this.

we are both in our mid thirties.... niether of us has any medical issues, and we have tried counseling but to no avail. She tells me she doesnt know why she is never in the mood but doesnt seem to think sex is a big (or little) part of a marriage. God knows id never cheat on her and i do love her with everything i am. I just feel really lost and quite confused. Thanks for the chance to air things out a little.


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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

After she had the 3RD kid she lost interest . No medical problems !!!

Not much we are privy to here, nothing on your ages, medical issues or marital comments. Suffice to say we are sorry to hear of your difficulty but all we can offer is our empathy and a welcome you to our group of marital refugees.

I have been with out 4 , 7 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any recollection of that turning point? Would you share more about that?