Not Exactly Married

but have been with girlfriend for 3 years.

I'd say after about the first year the sexlife started to fizzle out. this last year I'm lucky if we do it once every 4-5 months. I'd never thought I'd find myself saying that.

I ********** a lot and would love to f*** another woman.

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6 Responses Feb 13, 2009

“Sex is only 10% of a relationship…but a very important 10%”<br />
_---so says the experts

City, <br />
Are you here for advice or to vent? If you want to vent go to Craigs list. If you want advice a little more respect would go a long way. There are many people here that listen and offer sincere help. Otherwise please go away.

Most of here have suffered many years within sexless marriages and the labors of raising children, paying mortgages and the every day problems associated with the difficulties of adult responsiblities. <br />
<br />
I am assuming that you are young, living in a tenous but fleeting relationship of your own making, wherein there is neither great responsibilities nor children.<br />
<br />
Forgive me, I am not being judgemental, I just think your problems are so simple to be mundane compared to the gigantic difficulties others bring here daily.<br />
<br />
Do take your **** out on the town out and find another woman that may have you. This one seems to have your number after three years.

most people here have been in the situation for considerable periods of time citysleeper. And are wrestling with what to do about an entrenched position, On balance, if the 'relationship' is in its very early days, I think most of them would say "don't walk away.........RUN!!!!"


Haha niice. So im assuming you either live with her, or feel obligated to stay with her for some reason