I Live In a Sexless Marraige

I live in a sexless marraige can you be with me?

I live in a sexless marraige what can I do to be free?

I  live in a sexless marraige sometimes too painfull to bear.

I live in a sexless marraige I wonder why I am still hear.

I live in a sexless marrage it would  be better if I were gone

I live in a sexless marraige I can not leave because it feels wrong

I live in a sexless marraige and I found solace among my friends

I live in a sexless marriage I wonder when it will end.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I too share your unhappiness and ask some of the same questions. <br />
Why do I stay? Leaving is hurtfull and disruptive.<br />
Is looking for a girlfriend an acceptable solution; physically and morally?<br />
Are we really in love?

Me too, all the expectations and demands without the love

I can feel your anguish....my ex was you, and I was like your wife (in your other post) I feel, really ache for you guys in this situation, but having been the female who was shutting down, one thing I can say is that at the point of the guys frustration, his barking, demanding, and ranting, although understandable, are intimidating to a woman who at that moment really wants to be babied, coaxed and encouraged. You shutting down will shut her down even more, then you have an even bigger wedge of resentment....I've been there!