Weekends for me a really hard. If I not running errands to the drug store my high point is going to Sam's Club or sitting at home either reading a book or watching TV. I hate my life. I like people, especially women, but I can't go out and meet somebody because it isn't fair to get involved in a relationship that can never go anywhere. I don't like doing things alone because I enjoy the experience more when I share it with someone.

Pretty mesh up, Huh?

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You certainly don't have to agree with me onthis but . . . there ARE women out there who are wanting a "no strings attached" relationship. Women like me who love their husbands and don't want to leave hem but are also wanting sex in their lives.<br />
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I have no idea how you feel about having an affair, but it certainly isn't impossible - not everyone is looking for someone to settle down with.<br />
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Whatever you decide, you have my very best wishes.

Sounds like my life but Wal Mart is my main excitement. I have to check out Sams club. There is one by my house. How sad.

Sorry to hear that Bobo...there are many of us here at EP who are sympathetic to the cause. Me, I have empathy because I caused a man I cared about to feel apathetic, angry, and eventually he threw in the towel. Is your wife experiencing low libido? Were you guys into it previously? Are there children in the mix?