My Sex Life If Fading Away

What do you do when sex is like the setting sun? As you wave good-bye. My wife and I  are having fewer and fewer encounters, and each time it is never right. I'm ready, but she could appear to care less, just hurry up! It has been couple months now since we last did it!

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Wish we knew the magic answer to that question, no matter the space of time between sexual activity<br />
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I read today that sexless marriages often find that a relationship problem is the basis for sexual unhappiness. <br />
Your wife is not hiding the fact of the feeling from you that she wants quick sex, instead of lingering over being loved. Your fears are grounded in reality.<br />
<br />
When either begins to insult and purposely hurt with those words or actions, it's time to stop the clock and call time-out. <br />
The longer we stay unhappily married, the torture will continue.. I doubt if desire can be instilled with a little pill for erections. These relationships are no longer thought of as heavenly.<br />
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When we are made to feel that our desires to joyfully screw them and be screwed by them, is an inconvenience to be scheduled and not to happen that often .. that's time to stop, get help, and continue on your way or ways.<br />
<br />
We are all searching for the answer that is alluding us.<br />
But together we see more clearly and are able to handle our individual trials and tribulations.<br />
Blessings,<br />

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