Sexless Marriages Make the News As An Epidemic

I just watched a news report saying that sexless marriages are epidemic.

The news clip said that the demands and stress of jobs, schedules, children, wanting personal ME time, and being tired/exhausted are the main reasons for passion disappearing from marriages.

They also said that couples getting too busy with life, no longer cherishing each other, spending too much money, end up building up resentment, stress, and distance, not intimacy or sexual desire.

One therapist suggested writing erotic tales about your partner/wife/husband to read to them, as well as setting in stone a date night to look forward to, as starting points to regain the lost desire and attraction for your spouse.

Another therapist said financial stress is a sure fire killer of passion and to that end spending should be cut back to ease the money woes.  When finances are in balance and not eating away at you, then sexual desire has room to move back in.

They defined sexless marriage as 10-12 times or less per year.



Seanachai Seanachai
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6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

i watch this on tv some months ago. i've also watched a show thats says sex is the best way to help stress. but try to get your spouse to listen to thats is like talking to the wall.

I'm ready to abandon "civilized" life if I can be with someone who will really be with me.

lol.. If I were getting sex 10-12 times per year, I wouldn't be here complaining or leaving my husband. I'm be whining to my best friend and to my husband but that's it...damn, that's getting some.

And time keeps marching on... We all sleep in a lonely bed...and still we fight for the covers......

There are many reasons for sexless marriages. It ranges from medical to psychological.<br />
<br />
It's been said there are very few really good marriages<br />
Life happens when you're busy making other plans.<br />
4500 may have registered for this forum, but most have abandoned the boards here, evident by the lack of commentaries. <br />
Another sad statistic that although people know they are in sad marriages, they just keep pluggin.... til one day 60 years have gone behind them.<br />
Not knowing your situation, I leave it there.<br />

I'm not surprised. I've known for years that the state of marriage was bad. As an example, this group had just over 2500 members when I joined. It's over 4500 now.