Why I Say In a Sexless Marriage


Thanks to everyone who has responded.  I was, and still am, at my wits end and thanks to YOU I feel a little better. To answer the burning question of why I say in a sexless marriage…..He over compensates for his lack of lust. I have a beautiful home, car, & jewels. He cooks all meals, cleans the house, and takes care of all my needs. Well, except for sex. It is not just sex…I want to feel like a woman and everything that goes with it. It has only been this past years, since the kids are gone, that my body is screaming for more. What really is the right thing to do? I certainly do not want a divorce but do I seek out a sex surrogate? Bottom line is, if I divorced him I would end up poor and that is NOT an option. Plus a divorce affects all aspects of your life; from relationships with friends to work associates. BTW we work together! I think he has set me up with the guitar lesson so I could get a little action and I don’t think he was trying to trap me. I think he really wants me to be happy but I just can’t bring myself to it. Not yet anyway.

GingerGrant GingerGrant
46-50, F
Aug 9, 2007