Hi Every One Happy to B Here


u all no why im here cos like u i am in a sexless marriage

i married a man over 10 years my senior when i was 21.

we now have 2 adorable kids 4 and 2.

but as my name suggests i am now leavin him.

pain fully but im marchin on.

it reali is the hardest thing i ve done i literally felt torn in two.

but after 5 years i can take no more.

hes no interest me in me te kids family activities or anything.

no sexual intrest in me and til now refuses to give a reason.

i told him well divorce

but hes thinkin that im just sayin and il not act and has instructed me to pack his stuff that he ll stay at the new house with me an the kids for a while

when ive been tellin him for months this is for me and the kids only

its gettin to the point im startin to hate him as he totally disregards everythin i say

btw we  were homeless as  family as he was obviously waitin for me to get some where and plonk himself there instead of providing for us in the first place.

so anyway like i said happy i found others in the same situation dont feel such a ugly undesirable creature now.

lilmissmovingon lilmissmovingon
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

good luck....though you may be homeless....at least if you divorce you will be able to fly above all that and be the women you want to me....instead of the woman behind the man....

All I can say is GOOD LUCK 2 YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!