Passion Never Dies.

Late last week I received a call from a woman who a decade ago was one of my first affairs. She was in town for a week, from her home in eastern US. I was hesitant because this was a very strong emotional affair and my feelings for her have never really abated . She had divorced after our breakup and remarried again and is now in the throes of another divorce .

I was at first fearful of going to see her but then the wonderful memories of her came back in a rush. I had to see her. This meeting was inevitable.

We met for lunch and although the years have had taken taken their toll on both of us,  her long kiss and embrace  brought back the warmth and love of that time. I cannot describe what a thrill it was to feel  that spark of life that only comes from  the chemistry between and man and a woman  who had the very best of the emotional  and physicality of love. She was and is still an intensely passionate woman, extremely intelligent, poised, cultured and  has the innate ability to know me better than I do myself. Of all the affairs I have had over the years to escape the sexual desert I loved in  this is retrospect was the woman I should have escaped with forever... Her life has not been a happy one with two divorces  and in both cases wealthy men  older than her .

We talked of the days gone before and brought each other up on our lives to date. She was worried that she had breast cancer and surgeries and felt she was no longer the woman she was. I told her  that she hadn't lost her smile , her sense of humor and that I too now have some physical scars as well. It doesn't matter I told her because what were were we still are and will always be. 

She will be here until Monday next and I have made plans to meet her  at her hotel. Time did not permit either of us the time to do what we so desired to do. I will meet her next Saturday and we will again resume  hopefully a brief time in the sun .

I have just mentioned this here today to let some of you know that not every escape in this manner is without its rewards. That even though we are commited to a life of familiy responsibilities  there are opportunities to grasp a little of happiness for ourselves  from time to time. I excercised these options years ago because to do otherwise would have destroyed me and my familiy unit..

I cannot say honestly if had I gone off with her back then shrirking my responsibilites and picked up hers that the results might not be the same. I could be her now pending second divorce. No one ever know that story, but I do know that to see her now and rememberher then  makes it all seem so right.

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You deserve happiness, take a little!

Zorbas: Happiness is a state of mind. Enjoy!

My heart sings for you!! May you find every little bit of magic that exists between you and capture it again! You deservee the joy this will bring you and she ceretainy sounds like a fabulous woman. Enjoy every moment....

Magic is in the air ~~ glad you're reuniting with a special lover from the past.<br />
I guess good things do happen to good people!

You sure are lucky....

I am very, very happy for you, Zorbas! Suck the marrow out of every second with her!

Oh no, you are making me want to contact a man I was madly in love with for...well for all my life. We both were. It ended almost a decade ago when one of us had to move across the world so to speak. Haven't seen each other in 10 years this fall:-(. None of us was married at that time, both are married now. <br />
<br />
I often wondered what it would be like to see him again...I miss him so much sometimes that it hurts. It sucks to fee that that kind of passion might be gone forever for me. <br />
<br />
Enjoy these days. So nice to know the passion / attraction is still there.

Good on you Zorbas<br />
It doesn't matter a rats bum what other people think, but here's what I think.<br />
In this group we have people in a common situation. The usual marriage situation with its good bits, bad bits, tedious bits and mundane / routine bits. And we have tha added 'bonus' of no sex / intimacy - for a multitude of reasons.<br />
Some of us engage in sex / intimacy outside of the marriage.<br />
In your case, you seem to have a 'reasonable' marriage (but for our common issue) and you have sex / intimacy outside of it. <br />
You also make what I think is a telling point. That if one had persued FULLY an intimate / sexual relationship outside of the marriage then at some point, the day to day routines, problems of 'ordinary' relationships would inevitably impinge on the intamate / sexual relationship - and it wouldn't be the same any more. It might be great (or terrible) but it wouldn't be the same.<br />
I bet that after these "interludes" you return to your marriage with refreshed attitudes to the mundane matters we all have to deal with. I bet that the other party does too. <br />
You may have to deal with the "what if ?" thinking we all indulge in from time to time, but that thinking is not unique to sexless marriages either.<br />
Cut to the chase - I completely fail to see the downside here, You (and the other party) get the necessary factor "X" missing in the marriage, ultimately you return to the marriage and, with a renewed, refreshed attitude, you deal with A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W and Z within the marriage. <br />
I think its a good thing. But again make the point, it doesn't matter what I think. If it works, it works. Have a great time mate.