Sexless Marriage

Hello everyone I have been living in a sexless marriage for the past 6yrs,   we have been married for 36yrs.  all i want is out of this situation i can't even refer to it as a marriage anymore.    I want someone to be there for me and i for them but so far no one.   I am 55yrs i have never looked my age and now that my children are grown this should be my time and i am affraid it is passing me by.   I have been married to the same person since i was 17yrs old .  

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Amen Enna!<br />
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I'm sure you mean well "luvluvin" but in a truly sexless marriage, there is NOTHING you can do that will persuade the other person to have sex. You may have thought your marriage was sexless, but if you can say your husband was "more than happy to oblige me", I would suggest your sex life was simply stagnant - needing a boost to restart it.<br />
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Those of us on this forum are in a seriously more difficult situation. Believe me, most of us would gladly jump through hoops of fire if we thought it would help . . . <br />
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So "funlovinglady" I can only say I commiserate with you and I hope you find the strength to end this marriage SOON and seek a better life for yourself. I wish you all the best, whatever you decide.

Are you willing to try? If you are may I suggest maybe look on the internet about tantric sex and karma sutra....I tried this then asked my hubby if he would mind if I experimented on him.....he was more than happy to oblige me, and, well, I feel like I am 20 years old again and so does he.....we just keep experimenting and trying different things, we wouldn't do this before or even think about talking about it but now there is no holding us back and I have to say Thank God! otherwise I would be right where you are now, actually a couple of weeks ago I was......Good luck