Got None Too!!

You are obviously young!  I wish I had the opportunity to go back again.  I was in love with one man, but had my children with another.  After 15 years of marriage with that man, and 2 children later, I left my husband to seek my 1st love.   I should let you know that 1st man I married had an affairm too, not only with my best friend, but with my cousin! I had an affair, too... we didn't obviously love each other enough!  My 1st love, however, ... I was only 17 when I fell totally IN LOVE~~ then we went our different ways ... I came back after 15 years and we fell again!!!  Now, here I am with my 1st LOVE and there is no ... LOVING!!   What's up with that ****?

I love this man so much!  I feel like Im a good person, but cannot  unterstand why love is not a feeling that you,or I can have!

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Our first loves are never forgotten , just like anything else we experience in life for the first time. It is vividly remembered for our entire lives. It doesn't always mean that our first loves were the best or that we cannot love as passionately again. <br />
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We so often , when in a situation wherein we seem to drowning we rush back in our memories to that better time or actually escape to a that earlier person. to save ourselves. <br />
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The trouble with old and first loves is that in the interim years both parties have changed in both habits, desires,wants and needs. Change is inevitable in all of us and it is imperceptible, noticed only by others. We seldom if ever realize our own change. We are simply not the same persons we were back than.<br />
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You sought out a dream from the past and have found out sadly that you can't live anything over. It may work as a reunion of sorts but cannot be relied on as a permanent solution.