Sex?? What Sex? "Life After Marriage For Me"

Hello, I am a disabled man and was disabled yrs before marriage, I got divorced after 17 yrs of marriage from my 1st wife, and we did not have sex for 15 of those yrs, after my daughter grew up I divorced, and a few yrs later fell in love with another woman, 2 yrs went by after living together and our sex life was great but then we got married and have been for 5 yrs now, and I can count how many times we have had sex in the last 2 yrs on one hand, she has become an addict to my pain meds in which I caught her stealing and then locked up ever since and now she begs for me to give them to her constantly, even offers sex for them in which she might read a book during or watch tv, we fight all the time usually over pain pills and she always want to go to emergency rooms just to get more pills, we have been to counciling and she quit going now for a year, I want to divorce her but I do not want to be lonely but being lonely looks like a party compared to this stress, it is now where I find myself not wanting to be around her or even talk to her, is it over?  I am disabled due to a broken back, tho no longer in a whellchair I can get around pretty good and between both our incomes we make a decent wage especially that I have owned my home yrs before we got married so there is no mortgage, but with all these emergencyroom bills that she keep racking up for the many many pains that she come up with, we stay broke and Im always stuck here at home because of no $$ to do anything with, I am just tired of this life and do not know how to get out of it, I feel like a daddy to my wife and not a husband, since she does not drive and will probably never, and she does not understand money or anything that responsible people do on a daily basis, I feel lke she only needed a driver, butler, and a life manager and s pain pill dispensor, do I have a life??? or is it over??? I wish I could meet some1 else but I am afraid too just find aonther just like her, I want romance, love ect... I used to put her on a pedistal, show her off to every1, now I just sit here at home and hide... If there is no more to life that n this, I want it to be over, any advice any1?

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i agree with texas

Forgive the directness here: Ditch the b*tch.<br />
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