Are There Ever Stories Here That Say......

I am being a bit mischevious here, but are there ever storys in here where some bloke - woman writes ........

"There is no sex in our marriage, none what so ever, none, nada, Zip. And its great ! I / we couldn't be happier. Its effing fantastic, absolutely unbelievable.

Wow, truly, everyone ought embrace this sexless scenario. Its fantastic !!!!

And they open a subject,

"my partner wants a f##k"

and they all pile in with posts "yeah, mine too, how inconsiderate.... yada yada yada" and a few philosophical arguements to back up there position "it is like the ancient order of dickheads who embraced this concept" (unfortunately they died out after one generation but there you go)  and a few tragic stories, "my wife once wanted a ****, that was the end of that" "He expected a **** on new years eve the inconsiderate swine" "never had a ****, never want to" "my husband wants a **** claiming he has a medical condition called 'raging hardon' or something. He says he MUST have it a side effect of this condition is a muscular right forearm and an extremely supple wrist, it is tragic"

Come on you with holders .... SPEAK UP - LOUD and PROUD if its so great TELL US !!!!


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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Actually we do hear from that side of the isle every once in a while.

At least it mught let us see into their minds . . . I for one cannot conceive what / how they think. . .?? I find the concept of being sexless so alien that I cannot even get my head around it.

Those people oughta be committed... It just *ain't* right!

Isn't there a thread on EP. . . "I am sexless and loving it" LOL