Show the Spouse This Website?

Thanks for the comments on my previous posts - I find it very helpful to be on here.

As part of a "rebuilding" effort with my wife, I'm thinking of showing her this site and asking her to read many of the stories. (In addition to telling her myself, of course.) Is this advisable? Has anyone done it? Should I avoid it?

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In some ways I think it would be a good idea to let the partner see what is said and discussed here on the subject. In other ways, it could be perceived as threatening. It would depend on the personality of the individual.

Well if you do show her your story, I want to give you props. I would never have the courage to show my story to anyone. Well thier really personal and deep thoughts and experience. Opening that tunnel might help but it may also just make it worse. <br />
good luck<br />

I think someone with an open mind and eyes wide open and vulnerable to the pain of others might gleen some good insight reading but the horse to water analogy fits better

haywood What U said sounds 100% like my wife , she has no problem with sexless marriage . We just went nose 2 nose last nite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a loaded question ... you obviously were driven to find a place where you feel comfortable enough to let out your inner-most feelings. If she found it on her own, then it was meant to be, but if you lead her to water, and she doesn't know how to drink ... what results will you achieve?<br />
"heywood" above noted his wife's reaction to a post that was relative to their situation and she choose to ignore discussing it with him. While everyone is different and I cannot speak for any of us or their spouses, I personally feel that my husband would not get much out of this forum. It is my opinion that he wouldn't be open minded if he were to read the feelings we put into words here.<br />
He is from different cloth.<br />
I always recommend therapy and/or counseling, before trying to self treat myself or my husband,by actions such as you are considering.<br />
To Each His Own and I Wish You All The Best!!!

I have told me wife several times , if she wants 2 look at what I am doing on EP , she is welcome 2 do so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KFC may be right, however I would think twice about allowing her to know of this forum. I understand your intentions but I fear she may think of it as an invasion of her privacy. The fact being that you are divulging personal isses of your marital difficulties.<br />
<br />
You of course know better your wife's sensitivities on these matters.<br />
<br />
My wife knows nothing of this forum and it would be of no consequence in any case . Our marriage has long past being salvageable. I do sincerly hope that

I think many have considered it, and there could have been one or maybe two folks that did, not really sure. Often I too have flirted with the consideration of showing her this forum. From my perspective I really am not sure that it would have a great big impact on how she approaches things regarding the two of us. She seems to think that the sexual relationship in general is an overrated item. It seems so interesting to think that for one partner it is just insignificant, overrated, and not necessary, but the other, the more rational thinking IMHO person finds it to be the biggest loss in the relationship. That loss of intimacy and closeness that a healthy sexual relationship between the married couple provides is a key area to allow the bond to improve and become stronger. We all know what it is like without it. <br />
<br />
I am a firm believer in communication and if you feel that it could maybe help or change things, by all means I would suggest doing it. Only you can decide whether it will have a positive impact that can be life changing and affirming, or a negative one where she will go ballistic because you have shared your life even anonomously with billions of people on the World Wide Web. Thanks for writing and keep us posted.

Yes, I don't remember who they were, but few have in fact done that. Some of the spouses have even come on and shared. Don't really know if it helped in the long run.

No 1 that I know has done it , that I am aware of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!