Live In a Sexless Marriage

I´m 35 years married an 3 childs.

I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer july 2007 and I live

in a sexless marriage since 2007

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Why? You don't give the particulars of your sexlessness. It might be hard for you to talk about, but we can't understand without knowing. I hope that it's not because your spouse couldn't get past your cancer.

First let me say how terribly sorry I am too hear of your illness and I hope that the cancer has been arrested and that you are back on the mend. <br />
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Illness most assuredly will happen in all marriages as they mature. It is inevitable. <br />
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I am going to assume from your brief narrative, here that because of the visual considerations of the breast cancer surgery your husband no longer wishes sex. This is not uncommon, but this to me is an abomination and shouldn't be tolerated for a moment. <br />
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You are the same woman as before in body, soul anddspirit. To a man who professes love for you it shouldn't matter. We will all carry some scars sooner or later. <br />
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If he does otherwise he has already shown that his love for you is far more shallow than you could have ever suspected He should, if he loved actually be more attentive to you, understanding full well the impact of this illness has already imposed on you.<br />
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Sex now would be actuallya reaffirmation of your bonds. A refusal breaks those bonds most assuredly<br />
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I hope that all will turn out well for you in this.