and stumbling around the net for counceling I found this wonderful forum. I want to tell all of you people thank you. Reading your stories hasnt solved any of my issues, but it really has opened my eyes. NOBODY has to go through this alone. Now if there was a forum for the ones who dont want to make love,read theirs, maybee then we could figure out the problems! My money is on the fact that they wouldnt do that because they dont see any problems.

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I have always thought of marriage as a kind of plant. and like a plant,it must always be tended to. It has to be fed constantly, nourished , if you will ,with new life sustaining experiences, it must never be ignored and lastly and the absolute worst being taken for granted . These together will cause the marraige to wither and die and nothing can save it.<br />
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I fear that we all are guilty of these and if no effort is made to correct our ways soon love cools. Witholding sex is the first sign of a failing marriage as it requires no dialogue, it just announces clearly and silently that it will end at some time in the future.<br />
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Those who ignore this glaring sign of detachmentand do nothing to correct it are deluding themselves.

I think most realize, not all, but most realize there is a problem. They just don't want to deal with it. Who wants to admit they have a problem, much less a sexual one?

lotstogive Can U tell me what it is like on the other side . Being a male I can relate 2 the way other males feel but , I often wonder what goes through a females minds . Any help on this would B great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to totally agree----my husband thinks that I'm obsessed with sex (you think! Normally when your are deprived of something thats all you think about).

U R Right , my wife does not C a problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!