Sexless and Sad

I love my husband, but I hate that we don't hold each other and make love to each other. He has been to the doctors and he takes med's but still no sex. What should I do? I want sex. I want sex any time of the day without having to plan a time and wait. How do others deal with this. I have even told him I might leave him. How do you walk away from the one you love.

brewmom11 brewmom11
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I know after awhile all the stories here sound the same or have a very similar thread. I have struggled over the last couple of days and finally realized that I put myself in this position. I made the choices to get me where i am. I can resent my wife and find solAce in my child but in the end I am the one who allowed this "marriage" to become what it is. I told my wife years ago that being married to her was very lonely. But nothing has changed and I am still in the same situation. I can deal with it most of the time but when I get sick or extremely tired my wall crumbles and her I am again. Solution- there are many but each situation is unique. Please think over what u learn and try not to "run away" from your problems because most of them you allowed to happen. It is never too late to fins the inner strength to move on but do it for yourself not because u r angry or resentful. No choice is a good one but going on like we are is not a choice that makes any sense. I am not sure how u can find the "right' answer but in the beginning I said that each situation is unique and u must do what is right for "you".