I Am Living In a Sexless Marriage and Hate It.

I live in a sexless marriage and feel bad about hating it. I love my husband very much. We have talked about taking some pounds off and he said he will, but don't. He has been to the doctor and he takes med's. I have to play this waiting game and still I don't have sex. I have even thought about leaveing him. How can I walk out on the one I love. How do others deal with this? I need help.. Tell me what I should do.

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2009

After 29 years of marriage and several years prior I now live with a woman who is more my sister than my wife. She has lost ALL interest in almost everything in our marriage. She doesn't clean the house, no cooking, no grocery shopping and on top of all this...absolutely NO SEX! Every advance is brushed off, delayed or outright refused. If she was working long hours in a career I might have some understanding.....but she has been unemployed for almost 2 years. How long doe s a man keep trying and waiting!? I have had about as much as I can stand!

It sounds like you are like me.. I love my wife but she has no interest even an aversion to sex... so what can I do? <br />
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You stay because your heart says stay... but your body yearns for the joys of sex... I am looking cautiously for a friendly lover.<br />
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Well I love my wife but she is just not all into sex anymore..I have tried all kinds of sex toys..initially she responded but now. I have a fantasy about full figured ladies..better not tell that here

I don't know what to tell you, but i understand. I love my husband also,but nosex. We have buitl a great life, but no sex. I need to loose weight ,but so does he.