My Affair Is Cheating On Me!

My husband and I don't have sex. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that he is not interested.

I found myself a FWB to have fun with and the sex is absolutely fantastic!! We would have it at my place or his when all our kids are at school, and sometimes we would be adventurous and have sex at the local park, behind a tree, or in the car. It's awesome and extremely satisfying! We would have sex, then chat, then have sex, then chat, then we would go again..

Things were great between us and he would tell me that I am the one he lusts for and desires. We try to keep it physical only as we both don't want to leave our marriages for the sake of the kids.

Last week, I overheard a conversation between two of my colleagues and found out that my FWB is cheating on me with another woman! (very ironic, I know)..I confronted my FWB the next time we met up but he denied everything and reassured me that I am his only interest. Now I don't know where to go from here?? Any advice?



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5 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hi LF- Yeah that's the thing about affairs, they are usually sexual, not emtional, and you don't always get the exclusivity you wanted. Is it a deal breaker? Can you be part of a bullpen/haram? If you were single and playing the field as a free agent, you would still be in the same predicament, no?

Once a cheater - always a cheater.<br />
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To some - 'any port in a storm' is real!

This happened to me when I introduced one of my married liaisons to a male friend of mine who shortly thereafter slept with her. This when we were still deeply involved. When asked, she readily admitted that she had indeed slept with him . <br />
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At first I was angry and I must admit upon this news suffered pangs of jealousy until I stepped back and realized that I had no holds on this woman. Since it was sex that brought us together and very little else, her dalliance with him amounted to nothing. It did, however, sever the long personal friendship with my friend. I felt that it was a form of betrayal on his part not hers, and haven't softened my views on that even over these succeeding years.. <br />
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As I often say here, when you go this route to escape a unhappy sexless marriage these are the pitfalls that can occur. The risks that one takes.

If exclusivity is important to you, you'll have to find a new FWB. <br />
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Was this something you two discussed at any point, or was it just assumed by you? (I'm just curious.)<br />
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And now that I am curious , I want to know how you found your FWB.<br />
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james<br />

I know it hurts, but the thing is...if someone is wiling to cheat with you, you have to accept that they might be willing to cheat with someone else as well.<br />
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It's not a situation where you can really demand fidelity. no fair to change up the rules.<br />
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I understand your pain, even a sense of betrayal...but the reality is what it is.<br />
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I'm sorry.