How Many Here Married For Reasons Other Than Love?

Anybody get married for reasons other than being in love and/or sexually attracted?

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Love them we do ..... whether it is from our basic beliefs regarding marriage and/or vows, or ones that turn into financial stability, or companionship after years of adapting to living together.<br />
Personally, at the age of 18, what adult life experience do we have? Hormones were raging at that age ... who are we kidding? <br />
Desire that comes with Love and is shared, seems to be the magic that fades...

See my story "How did I get here?"

I think most of us loved our spouses when we married them, but years of resentment put a damper on that. I loved my husband very much when we were married.

That is an interesting question. It is so long ago now that I really cannot say with any accuracy, but I know for truth it was not for money, that is a given.