Sexless Marriage :(

A sexless marriage.  I'm facing it from day 7after our marriage. My daughter is an accident. A real lottery to me.

It comes under '10 in a year' category. Everyday i expect him to approach me, being hopless, i take the initiative, end up in tears, EVERYNIGHT!!." I SHOULD LET HIM SLEEP, AS HE HAS TO GO TO WORK, NEXT DAY", he says. FYI, he has no holiday. He makes it a point to go to his office sun- sat.

This the second marriage for both of us. My ex- was also with the same problem, "DO NOT TALK TO ME, DO NOT TOUCH ME" type and i did not hv a child of him in those 4 yrs. I let this man inspect me before marrige(as it was not allowed in our culture, being a second-hand, eventhough i'm very conservative, I managed to agree myself for his initiation, just to let him inspect whether there is anything wrong with me physically. He said everything is "PERFECT"). 

Now, he is never intersted to talk or discuss on this or anything, like money matter, credit card issues, serving food for him on the table, opinion about a TV programme...., each and every move of mine is critisised/ ANOTHER REASON FOR HIM TO SHOUT. I understand i'm a person of very low self-esteem and it nourishes him. 

One more thing which is favouring him is my parents, who r not concerned abt me. None of them bothered to talk to me for anything, after i leav my job to tk cr of my child. 

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I love him. so will not cheat him

we both r from the same cultural background n I hv no choice other than keeping my fingers crossed till my end. He says he is absolutely normal and keeps silence to my any further questions.