How Long Can the Streak Continue

I have been married just over 7 years, prior to marriage we had an EXTREMELY active sex life, lot of variety and somewhat crazy adventures. Over the past two years things started to slow to a crawl however, after our 7th ann. the crawl has stopped too. We have had no intimacy at all for the past 70 somedays.

Some times I wonder how long is too long?


Read the story prior to mine and since they are very simliar figured I'd answer the same ?s

Married to 34 y/o

5 year child

Vasectomy 3 years ago


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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I am definately with Missedout on this one and I am male. I think both partners should attempt to 'turn each other on.' <br />
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Levin - I will agree that my libido did increase with the vasectomy, thought her's would too...*shrugs*

I believe -------<br />
Sometimes a vasectomy can affect a man's sexual drive. It is almost purely psycholgical, but it is real. Have you tried counseling? I had a vasectomy and it wa the reverse for me. (It was purely psychological) I was ready day and night. The doctor told me that it was because i felt relieved that I wouldn't have any more children. (I had three already)<br />
My advice - have some counseling. Talk to your husband. It is up to the woman in a sexual relationship, to "turn on" her partner. Try all kind of things. If he isn't tunred on try something else. If you love him, realize that he has problems like everyone else. Be sexy for him and maybe . . . Good luck.

Same here,married 14 years and i'm 33 nice looking woman,turn alot of guys heads.....except my hubby. He didn't know it but i just checked his history"by mistake" on goggle and it will tell you everything he views and how many times he viewed it...time and all...oh,he's a nasty b8tch! All P***y and boobs what the hell and i get nothing?

There must be some answer as to why this is happening. I know there have been studies on this recent epidemic thats becoming more noticed over the past 5 years.