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My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years and only 9 months married.  We have had many ups and downs in our relationship all of which occured before we got married.  Our relationship is really good except the lack of sex.  I was raised in a 2 parent family with lots of love and happiness.  He was raised in a single parent household and to make a long story short he was abused by his mom's 2nd husband (physically and sexually), she lived in muslim communities that drifted across the US and then went to live with his father who physically, mentally and emotionally abused him and lived with grandmom and grandad whose relationship was dysfuntional to say the least.  I came into his life and as he says "I was the best thing that ever happened to him".  We have overcome some mountain ranges together.  We did have sex on our wedding night and once during our honeymoon but on the honeymoon my menstral cycle went crazy and I had my period for the 5 of the seven days we were away and my period lasted for 5 weeks after therefore breaking any sexual momentum we had (we didn't have sex for 5 years prior to the wedding).  After my menstral disaster he got sick and was sick for about 2 weeks.  We have been intimate (we did other things other than actual intercourse but not nearly often enough for me) but that only happened  3 times in 9 months.  He acknowledges that there is a problem and that we have to do something about it (i.e. sex therapy) because he is not interested in sex anymore and I am always interested.  Now he wants a child and we have a short window for me to get pregnant (starting early menopause and I have several health problems so it is a long shot anyway) but you have to have sex to get there.  I really don't want this to get any worse so I am trying to fix it now.  I am going to make an appointment with the sex therapist today.  I really miss sex with my husband (I equate it with the joining of 2 souls).  We kiss and hug often during the day but it is not enough...
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Thank you so much and I hope I will be a good mom.