Nothing Going On At Home

It's strange that a guy is writing this but there is nothing going on at home the last18 months . We get along and all the right things are said but when it comes to Have I thought of cheating....yes...have I? No. Will I. i honestly believe ther will come a day. It's not what i want but like I said..theres nothing going on at home.



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Michelle~ I wonder how it is that all the men who enjoy sex, end up with all the women who don't and vise versa. Why are we drawn to those who don't want what we desire, and build up defensive barriers around our innermost feelings and beliefs, so we can never be truly happy? I guess we better check our pheromones in our noses, so we find partners who are on the same wave length!

Not necessarily your fault - could be the type of woman that you are attracted to have the same qualities - I am no expert just like to have people look at the BIG (whole) picture.<br />
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I hope I didn't hurt your feelings - I don't like doing that to people.... : (

I know I am the common factor...must be my fault...

ndn555 - if this has happened to YOU before - what is the common factor between both situations?? Not to be mean, but don't lump women into a stereotype - I have a close friend (woman) that is almost in tears over the fact that her husband does not seem to want to make love/have sex or even be physically affectionate!

Lightweight. Sorry I quit sex about 7 years ago and I have no intention of going back.<br />
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Be happy with the attention and loving friendship you have and quit whining about the small stuff.

in the same boat - after 4 years of marriage she lost interest - dont know why...I was married before and the same thing happened..r all women alike???