I have an idea that will solve all of our sexless marriage problems.
Let's start a sexless marriage group meeting next door to the sexaholics anonymous meeting. If were lucky it will be held in a hotel.

The only problem is I have never met a sexaholic. They seem to live in secret as we do
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I would so be there (except I bet you are in the USA) :' ). And we wouldn't need the sexaholics as there seems to be an equal amount of she's and he's in the sexual deviate world. Unless I'm really a deviate because I love to suck.............

Good idea. And whilst we are at it we could throw massages and scented candles in the mix!

Only if they're bacon scented, cos I think all ILIASM members have some spare ones in the back of their cupboard of "failed remedies". We need to do something to get rid of all these damned bacon scented candles!!! :oP

What a brilliant idea! ;o)

u r on to something.

i like it

Clever idea! Prob not as easy as it seems but I like the thought

"Thanks for Sharing" is an excellent movie on the recovery from sex addiction, strong cast (this is not the "romantic comedy" it is called). If you watch this movie you will see why you are unlikely to hook up with them (much like taking a recovering alcoholic out for drinks).