My Way of Sympathizing

I live in a sexless marriage. It is not my wife's fault, it is mine. We are both 64 years old and until a few years ago had a very special love life. We have been sexually permissive for years and neither of us has ever once had any problems over it.

About 2 years ago ago I contracted diabetes to go along with my chronic COPD. I was starting top lose my virility then. The diabetes finished the job that the COPD had started. I have not engaged in sex since. However, I should say our secret is that I condone and encourage her to see other people and enjoy herself while she is still able to.

I did this for her not me. I could see no reason why we both should shut down our lifestyle we have always enjoyed because of my problem. It took some convincing to encourage her to continue but she finally did. I am not jealous nor envious I am happy because she is. The reason I can't share this with anyone is that we live in a  small town in the bible belt. That is not acceptable here and only a very few know. I just felt I had to tell someone because part of my satisfaction is knowing how much I love her by my actions but no one is able to understand and appreciate it.

Arkie Arkie
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Though my wife and I are still very young, we occasionally chat about this kind of "what if". Should such a situation ever confront me, I hope I have the strength of character to do what you've done for your wife. Above that, I hope she appreciates your acceptance of this type of change.<br />
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Best wishes.