I found my courage today and after many protestations he's gone to his mom's. I feel excited, relieved, free, scared....
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This was the best thing I've ever done...so much happier now! if you're not sure DO IT!!!

Your next problem is highly likely to be keeping him "gone".
I think this is the beginning of the end, not "the" end, and there are likely to be a few twists in the tail yet.
Tread your own path.

He moves out...
I move in.
So what time can I come visit missus? Lol

LOL enjoying my freedom at this moment. 😉

Of course...but my bags are packed for when you're ready!

. . . . and "alive" (?)
Tread your own path.



Good for you !!


Well done, that's a huge step forward towards your new life! I'm sure you are overflowing with all kinds of different emotions at the moment. Congratulations on achieving the start of a big change!

Thankyou hasn't sunk in yet!