Married But Alone.

I met my wife 5 years ago and I was actually not really interested in her.  This is a story of stupidity and empathy.  My wife is an immigrant, brought into this country by a man who tried to extort her and make her do things she didn't want to do.

When she told me her story I felt a deep sorrow for her and brought her home with me. I didn't want anyone to have to live in such sorrow.

So now I live with a marriage that is everything but sexual. I was never sexually attracted to her and she knew this. We don't get along very well and now we are unofficially separated.

I guess I live with a measure of guilt in all of this. After all it is my fault we are in this mess. I should have let her go when I had the opportunity when I first met her.

If I stay with her I will be sexually repressed for the rest of my life. I can really get myself into some perdicaments.


curiouscock curiouscock
Feb 28, 2009