I Am the Lover of a Man In a Sexless Marriage.

I wrote my story. For two hours I poured my heart out. And then when I tried to submit it, it told me I had to be signed in WELL I F'ING WAS.

Now when I try to find it, i get a message saying 'oh don't forget to save and paste it in.' this is the 2nd time this site has done this.

You will all have to wait until I have another 2 hours to kill.

and if anyone knows where the HELP button is on this site, that would be HELPFUL. **AM SO TICKED OFF YOU DON'T KNOW**


TinkerDill TinkerDill
9 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Tinker,<br />
That is maddening, I put some of my story on as a comment on Gadzoocs story of sexless marriage. Suggest you might try yours as a comment there. I certainly am interested in hearing your experience

Gee, I have a gf that rants a lot like you. And she LOVES it up the ***! Maybe we should meet.

me had that 2..think it should ask U2 log in and then go back to wot U wrote..Chomp!!chomp!!CHOMP!!

Hey Tinker, happened to me more than once :(<br />
<br />
Now every time I want to make a long post, I use "Microsoft Word" and cut-paste it into the browser.<br />
<br />
By the way, I read your story, and I recommend others to as well. Thank you for persisting, and for posting.

Thanks Enna & Michelle. Search "Still the Lover of a Man in a Sexless Marriage" 3000 heartfelt words. Finally!

Really want to read your story!! Thanks for persisting. EP is having a bad 24 hours - kept shutting down on us about 12 hours ago . . . ?? Not sure what is happening???

Thanks Touched :) My old boss didn't like to be touched and I'm very touchy/feely. I used to put my arms in 'hug' position and say 'virtual hug'. It made her smile.<br />
<br />
I had another chocolate bar, and decided to rewrite the story in Word and just paste it in. It's too good to remain unwritten!

Sorry a refuser mate and now a website that refuses your post. It just isn't your day. Hugs to you TinkerDill and be happy you just received a hug from someone that doesn't like to be touched. :)

I am sorry to hear that...hopefully others will see your message and try to avoid the problem. I know I did.